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Importance of Work Life Balance for Employers
Work Life Balance Program

The Importance of Work Life Balance for Employers

An agreed work life balance definition has been difficult to obtain since the concept emerged in the late 1970’s. A common theme around defining work life balance is the ability for an individual to successfully manage work and everything else that makes up an individual’s life.

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Work Life Balance

Manager-Employee Relationship Key to Work Life Balance Success

A constant theme from balanced employers is the critical relationship between Manager and employee to achieve work life balance. Leaders play an important role in the day-to-day direction of tasks, communication of company and team vision, training, guidance, performance management and so much more.

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Work Life Balance Program

Employee Awareness Critical to Work Life Balance Success

Employee’s awareness of your organisation’s work life balance options is one of the key elements of a successful work life balance strategy and program. Organisations may offer leading edge initiatives that support an individual’s quest to live a balanced life, however without “bums on seats” through communication, education and promotion of such options, even the best program may not even get off the ground.

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