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Feel overwhelmed by the demands of life?
Struggling to balance work, family, home & life?
Want to be more productive working from home?

You’ve come to the right place.

I know what it’s like…

My name is Mandy Brasser and I’ve been working from home for over 10 years and love the flexibility I have in my life.

But… It wasn’t always this way.

I was working full time, spending over an hour commuting every day, trying to juggle being active, a social life, partner, family/friends and feeling like I was failing miserably (and that was before kids!).

Mandy Brasser Work Life Balance Advocate

Over the years I’ve taken a number of steps to create the life I want. From negotiating with my employer to drop down from full time to a 9-day fortnight, then to part time, moving to a contract role, negotiating to work from home, to then eventually starting my own business that’s been 100% working at home.

Read my full story here.

This didn’t happen overnight. But it did happen in a time that there were definitely less options. Now, there are enormous opportunities for individuals to create an income and work the hours that they want. Some of the main ways to make this happen is to find roles that best suit you, negotiate your existing work arrangement, engage in the gig economy or work for themselves.


Check out our free resources here:

Work From Home Office

Work Life Balance – strategies to help you identify
and create greater balance in your life around your work, family, health, community, self and other interests.

Work From Home Tips – helpful advice on how you
can best setup and work from home amongst the distractions.

Flexible Work – look at the options of work and how
you can access different working arrangements.

Productivity Tips – time management and other
productivity tips to help you achieve more.

Work Life Balance Programs – employer/corporate resources to help businesses identify and implement initiatives to help their teams to achieve work life balance.


There are a variety of stakeholders involved in creating work life balance. We have a range of resources available to cater for the specific needs depending on who you are. Here are our popular audiences that use our work life balance tools/resources:

Individuals – those wishing to pursue work life balance to balance their individual, family, community and work needs.

Parents – mothers, fathers and carers who are juggling life and child responsibilities.

Small Business Owners – those running a small business and trying to balance self, family and the constant demands of growing a business.

Employers / People Managers – those responsible for helping facilitate the individual work life balance needs of their teams.

HR Professionals / Corporate Wellness Practitioners – those responsible for managing the work life balance program with a business/corporation.

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