Work Life Balance

Work life balance is becoming an increasingly important phenomenon in our modern lives. Our fast-paced society may leave us with feelings of guilt and resentment when we aren’t doing what we should or want to be doing. It is a constant challenge for many of us who juggle the needs, responsibilities, expectations and desires of ourselves, partners, families, friends, employers and community groups. Although the optimum work life balance may vary between all of us, our inability to successfully manage or when our individual balance is distorted, it can result in real consequences such as relationship strains to major health implications.

Work Life Balance Meditation

Balancing Australia recognises, although not in isolation, the major role that work does play in an individual’s quest to achieve this balance. Having work or an employer who is supportive, committed and flexible creates an opportunity for work arrangements to be adjusted to meet individual circumstances. This results in many benefits from an individual perspective; however, it also creates significant wins for employers such as improved productivity, engagement and retention, whilst also the ability to attract and retain staff.

Work life balance can be a constant struggle for many people, and it isn’t the sole responsibility of us or our employer to manage. Our philosophy is that by creating work life balance together individuals, employers, families and our greater society can reap significant benefits and rewards.

About Mandy Brasser

Mandy Brasser launched Balancing Australia in 2009 to expand her passion and commitment for more individuals to benefit from living a balanced life.

Her interest in work life balance began as a young child with her father working 6 days per week and her mother being a stay-at-home Mum. At the time, Mandy didn’t understand why her father couldn’t be at home playing with her all the time – becoming an adult soon allowed her to understand why this was so!

This childhood experience did spark a growing curiosity for Mandy to explore the impact of work on our lives. She began to see that many other Australian individuals and families also face challenges juggling their work, family and other commitments. This increasing phenomenon was resulting in real costs for many people, from relationship breakdowns to major health problems.

Mandy started to question…

Mandy Brasser Work Life Balance Advocate

"Surely in the 21st century there is a better way we can work that will make it easier to fulfill our other responsibilities and desires?"

This important question led to Mandy having a 10-year career in human resources, primarily for the opportunity to advocate employee needs whilst considering business goals and constraints. As Mandy explored, she found an increasing number of employers rethinking traditional methods of work to address employee needs and also the achievement of business goals. This growing awareness was a sign that many organisations were taking this issue seriously. Also, that there was an increasing demand for individual to pursue their own destiny and take work life balance into their own hands. Now we see a new way of working with a gig economy giving even more control back to the people to get work, generate an income when it suits them and create the balance that they are looking for.

Mandy Brasser Balancing Australia

Mandy is passionate about all individuals being able to live a fulfilled life and is excited by the possibility of all stakeholders working together to create work life balance. It is through collaboration, that all parties can meet critical needs however also reap vast and sometimes unexpected rewards by making work life balance a priority.

Mandy holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Human Resources and a Bachelor of Leisure Management degree.

Mandy does practice what she preaches and manage to successfully transition from full time employee, to part time, to working from home, then eventually starting her own business 100% at home.

Although her focus has shifted into helping small businesses automate to create more time through Streamline For Success, she is still very much a work life balance advocate for all.

Mandy has been working from home on and off for over 10 years, and full time for 7+ years and loves the flexibility of working from home. And yes, she does do her washing during the week between meetings! 😉