Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance Fact or Fiction

Work Life Balance – Fact or Fiction

Businesses can engage staff to perform work via six main types of employment. All types have their pros and cons for both the employee and employer. Typically, employers have already decided how they wish to engage their staff before they start the recruitment process. It’s important for employees to consider what type of employment they are searching for to make sure their needs are being met in their job search. To help you better grasp the six different types of employment, here is a list to further define these employment types.


Going on Leave? Improve your Leave Request Success

Requesting leave from your employer is an exciting time, as normally you have some fun, relaxing or challenging time away from work ahead of you (depending of course on how you like to spend your leisure time!). Depending on the relationships you have with your Manager and/or your employer’s leave policy, this can be daunting to ask as it may not be a sure yes and timing can be everything.

No Longer Pursuing Interests That Make You Happy?

I think at different points in our lives, life can get a bit out of control and all of a sudden, you’re working more than 50+ hours per week and no longer pursuing the interests that make you happy. Common reasons for this, is lack of time and energy and unless you dramatically change your working arrangements (as outlined in a previous post) there are a few other suggestions we can make to help you start feeling fulfilled by following your interests again.:


Tips to Resolve Your Work Life Balance Conflict

Are you unhappy with your work life balance?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! According to the latest results from the Australian Work and Life Index 2010, a quarter of women working full-time and one fifth of similar men were dissatisfied with their work-life balance. As many of us struggle to achieve the optimum balance, we can often feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed that a smooth life seems like a very distant and sometimes impossible future.