Work Life Balance Fact or Fiction

Work Life Balance – Fact or Fiction

Work Life Balance – Fact or Fiction?

Is work life balance really possible? I think it’s obvious the fact that we have a website on the topic that we certainly believe so!

We shouldn’t however ignore the fact that there is another school of thought here to observe. I had a conversation recently with an individual who certainly believed to the core of their being that work life balance is not possible and is an unrealistic goal. Is it that this is the reality for this person or is it really so? It’s difficult to even entertain the idea considering my obvious opinion but here I will give it a try.

Perhaps it’s possible that those of us that don’t believe, are not striving for it or even see that there is any way out of their current circumstances and their mindset does not ever appear that this is something attainable.

Let’s pick up on that last point, mindset. I believe this plays a big part. Now I’d like to point out that at no point are people who think work life balance is not possible are wrong, hell I have days where I definitely agree with this…. It is after all just an opinion. But let’s look at mindset. If you think something is not possible – well what do you get? You get to see all the evidence that supports your viewpoint – look, see? ….. I had to work late again and miss another family dinner – argh, what life?!?!

Having this mindset also closing off people’s ability to consider how it could be possible ….

Our circumstances also dictate whether we can actively pursue a balanced life. Do we have a support network to help with the kids? Are we financially stable as an individual or family unit that we do have option to work and how much? Do we have a supportive employer? And many more….

Our individual situation plays a big part in our perception of our balanced reality.

Work Life Balance Mindset

Anyone who is struggling and I think opening your mind to the possibility, what you want and what does that look like? To some extent your circumstances you can control and you can start addressing once your thoughts are in an exploratory state.

I certainly believe work life balance is possible. I have been brought up with a hard work ethic and it’s something that I’m really proud of. Unfortunately on a few occasions in my career I have unfortunately worked too much and become stressed. It was at this point I have needed to re-evaluate my life and what’s important and I think ultimately if you believe and priorities work life balance can become your reality.

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