Top Work From Home

Top Work From Home Jobs

Top Work from Home Jobs

Are you interested in working from home? Do you want to eliminate travel time to and from work, reduce your transport costs, wear what you want and create your own work space?

Working from home is in demand and job opportunities are also increasing with many employers embracing the benefits for them and for their employees. Let’s face it, technology advances have created more opportunities than ever before to be able to effectively work from home.

Many people want to work from home but are unsure where to start or what they can do from home to generate an income. If you can see elements or even all of your job that can be done from home, it’s definitely worth investigating. So often, we as human beings complain about our current situation and look outside for solutions. You may be surprised what is possible within your own organisation by just asking. I encourage you to check out our tips to request flexible working arrangements to help make this happen within your existing employment.

If you are set on working from home and your existing occupation may not allow you to do so, here

are some of the top employment opportunities in 2011 that you may want to investigate further, that will allow you the flexibility to work from home:

  • Administration/Virtual Assistants – ability to complete administration tasks from the comfort of your own home.  Tasks may include receptionist duties, data entry, diary management, correspondence and other administration tasks.
  • Customer Service/Call Centre Operators – helping existing clients over the phone in a home office setting.  Duties may include responding to customer inquiries, customer product/service support, connecting people to the right information or financial account enquiries.
  • Telemarketing/Sales opportunities – facilitating prospects and sales from home.  This would include tasks such as generating sales leads, setting appointments or selling over the phone.

Work From Home JobsI’m definitely not saying to quit your job and change your career! With any major decision, you should thoroughly investigate all options and I also think it’s important to find and do something that you love to do. Your goal maybe to work from home, however if you are not satisfied in the opportunities available that you can do from home, then you may seriously have to think about what you want to do. If possible speak to your existing employer to see if they can accommodate your request. The list above only includes a few of the popular work from home options right now. As technology continues to be enhanced, there will be more and more jobs that can and will be done from home. Who knows, in the future most of us may be working from home and water cooler catch ups will take place in a virtual water cooler room whilst we’re having our morning coffees at our home offices all around the world!

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