Mandy Brasser

Improve Your Work Life Balance Culture

Improve Your Work Life Balance Culture – Tips from Australia’s Leading Work Life Balance Employers

Want to improve your organisation’s work life balance success? This presentation brings together key themes evident in creating a successful work life balance culture, as demonstrated by Australia’s leading work life balance employers. We share this information as we believe by creating work life balance together, that both organisations and employees can achieve significant benefits.


Tips to Resolve Your Work Life Balance Conflict

Are you unhappy with your work life balance?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! According to the latest results from the Australian Work and Life Index 2010, a quarter of women working full-time and one fifth of similar men were dissatisfied with their work-life balance. As many of us struggle to achieve the optimum balance, we can often feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed that a smooth life seems like a very distant and sometimes impossible future.


Employee Awareness Critical to Work Life Balance Success

Employee’s awareness of your organisation’s work life balance options is one of the key elements of a successful work life balance strategy and program. Organisations may offer leading edge initiatives that support an individual’s quest to live a balanced life, however without “bums on seats” through communication, education and promotion of such options, even the best program may not even get off the ground.

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