Health, Wellbeing & Other Work Life Balance Employer Ideas

Employers can offer a range of extra products or services to assist their staff to achieve work life balance.  Organisations may offer flexible working arrangements and additional leave entitlements, however health, wellbeing and other work life balance extras can provide the extra support needed to play an even bigger role in fostering happy and healthy staff.

See below for some examples of balancing extras that can be provided to your workforce:

Option Details Example
Employee Assistance Program An anonymous confidential counselling services provided by an external provider that includes a certain number of sessions per employee (and sometimes their immediate family) per year. Sally’s mother died and has been having difficulty coping with her lose.  She has been given access to five free counselling sessions by the organisation’s EAP to help her through this difficult time.
Wellness Program A tailored program aimed to assist employees to improve their health.  A wellness program may include health assessments, flu vaccinations, health seminars, massages, skin checks, weight loss initiatives etc.  Services may not all necessarily be covered by the organisation, however subsidies may be available to employees who access these services. Jeff works outdoors as part of his job and his organisation provides all the necessary property, plant and equipment for him to perform his work.  His employer’s wellness program includes a free health assessment every year and skin checks every quarter to ensure that he has no traces of skin cancer.
Child Care Support Partnership with a local child care provider to give priority placements to staff at your organisation. Janine and Michael have just had their first child and as Janine is planning on returning to work in a few years.  She engaged the child care support provider to give her priority access to a placement that will become available at her local child care centre, helping her to return to work sooner.
Health Insurance Discounts A corporate discount arranged with a health insurance provider that allows your employees to enjoy a discount or increased coverage through your employment. Colin has just moved to the corporate plan with his hospital and extras cover.  He now receives a 5% discount off the normal membership and has waived all waiting periods.
Gym Discounts Partnership with a gym to provide a discount for staff members. Jessica has just joined the organisation and has been attending the local gym.  With the corporate discount, she is now eligible for a 5% discount on membership fees and a free personal training session.
Fruit Box Partnership with a local fruit provider to deliver a fresh box of fruit for your employees on a periodic basis. Michelle enjoys different fruit every Monday from the freshly deliver fruit box helping her to eat healthier at work.

The balancing extras above are just a sample of the additional services available to help your staff to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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