We believe in work life balance.

Balancing Australia launched in 2009 promoting work life balance friendly employers and providing work life balance resources to employees, employers and small business owners

We’re still passionate about work life balance, however our work life balance employer directory no longer exists; but, you can still access some our most popular work life balance articles below. 

We want more people and employers like you to achieve balance. Work life balances means something different for each individual.

Feel free to access some of our most popular work life balance articles from our archive, whether you’re in small business, an employee or employer above.

Please note some of these articles were written back in 2010 – despite some older references a lot of the content still applies, even today.

Our Focus Has Changed

We are now working with small business owners to help them get their lives back. We achieve this by automatically manual/repetitive tasks so they can focus on what they do best and get more time with their family/loved ones

Click the link for more information on our new Streamline For Success brand.

There are still plenty of resources available on this website – no matter if you’re an employee, employer or small business owner.  Feel free to check them out.


A number of them still support work life balance/flexibility however we have not personally assessed them for years, therefore we can no longer officially verify they are supporting their staff.

After 10 years in HR, we have moved away from HR/work life balance consulting therefore no longer offer these services.  We do offer consulting on business process and automation solutions to save hours and help small businesses scale.  For more information check out the link here.

Most probably, we still trade under the name Balancing Australia for our new brand Streamline For Success, contact us here should you have any questions/concerns.

For more information about our Streamline For Success brand, visit our website here.

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