When is Your Most Productive Time of the Day?

One of the keys to being productive is knowing when you reach your peak productive time state during the day. Do you know when this is? Productivity can be described in a variety of ways, including when you are focused, energetic and driven to take actions and cause results. Everyone of course is different, so the time of day will vary when people reach this optimum state.

When are you most productive?
Consider your day was broken up into the following time segments. Which would be the time slot that you would be at your peak productive time state? If you are unsure when this is, consider your last week, when did you find it easy to take actions and produce results? When did you struggle to do any work at all? You may like to list the order in the table, with 1 being your most productive time segment. Although you may not work all time segments, list them all, as this will allow you to see whether you are also in an optimum state outside of work as well.
Knowing when you are in this most productive state, it is a terrific idea if you can, schedule your work around these times. Schedule important meetings, tasks or events in your life where possible when you are in this peak state, and the easier tasks when you are perhaps when you are least productive. For me, I am not an early morning person and I am fortunate to have control over when I work. My peak productive time state is 3 – 5pm, therefore I schedule my day to optimise this time and also to ensure that my two other most productive time segments are also being maximised.