No or Low Cost Work Life Balance Initiatives

Employers can support their staff to achieve work life balance in a variety of ways, but also at no or very low cost. The ability to eliminate the financial burden creates the opportunity for more organisations, particularly small or not-for-profit employers to implement work life balance support for their workforce.

Some examples of no or low cost strategies you could implement are outlined in the table:

Option Cost Details Example
Flexible Working Hours $0 Flexibility when working hours are completed means that there are no additional costs incurred as employees perform the same number of hours. An employee starts early and finishes early to avoid the peak hour traffic (saving an hour every day in time spent in traffic).
Work from Home $0 (some initial IT costs may be required) The option for staff to work from home, may require some IT setup initially, however in the long-term should work from home become more accessible this may lead to savings of costly office space (plus environmental benefits due to less traffic on our roads). An employee works from home every Friday.
Leave Without Pay $0 The ability to offer leave without pay does not have any direct cost to the employer. This may be a single day to a year long period of absence. Whatever the length, this no-cost option demonstrates the commitment to accommodate an employee’s needs, whilst also retaining great talent (in the instance of longer term absences). An employee may want to go on a 6 month overseas trip and when the return, they will be able to come back to their role or a similar type position.